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Blanščica brook - watefall 'Pekel'

Waterfalls of Blanščica are the most dramatic one in the area of the Bohor highland. Chain of the upper waterfalls has caved a water chanel in a dolomite. Total height of all waterfalls which could be one in at least 4 stages is almost 50 m (~150 feet). The highest waterfall (17 m ~ 51 feet) which flows out of such a cavity is named Pekel and it means "Infernal" waterfall. There is the idea to name waterfalls above it with Nebesa Heaven).

ACCESS:From Sevnica or Krško to the settlement Blanca. There follow a asphalt road just along the bank of the Blanščica brook. Near the G. Leskovec is a crossroad - just follow a road which is along the Blanscica to the Požun farm. The road is a private propety so be respectfull.From the Požun farm house leads a rut into the ravine of the brook Blanscica. It leads above the brook so it is easily to miss the the first waterfall up to the stream. It has height of about 5 m (~15 feet) and it is almost 3 m (~ 9 feet) wide.

Waterfall is hidden at the bottom of the ravine.There is no path to it.The rut changes into the path wery soon. The ruins of old Pozun mill are still noticable. After 20 min of the walk from the entrance into the ravine slope becomes wery steep and waterfall Pekel appeared. It is the highest one of the Blanščica waterfalls (17 m ~ 51 feet) but it could be the lowest part of the multi stage waterfall with the total height of about 50 m (~ 150 feet).Very steep path leads to the top of the upper waterfalls. It is recomended for the more experienced hikers with the boots. In the middle of the upper watefalls - "Nebesa". Height is about 15 m. Below is another waterfall with the same height.

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