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Korošica mountain piedmont polje (1810)

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Korošica is a Piedmont mountain polje at an altitude of 1,810 m below the southern slope of Ojstrica (2,350 m n.v.) in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The polje has a flat bottom, which is the leveling of the alluvial deposit of the torrent below Ojstrica, which flows to the northern edge of the field after heavy rain. There are sinkholes at the southern edge of the field. The field is occasionally completely flooded after a few hours, even a few days. The polje is 335 m long and 190 m wide in the narrow part with a flat bottom in the northeast-southwest direction. The polje is in an extended part, including a slight slope from the edge of the field is in the north-south direction 403 m long and 220 m wide. Southwest of Korošica, below Lučki dedec (2023 m n.v.) is the Piedmont mountain polje of Petkova njiva (altitude 1699 m, 553 m longitude in the northwest-southeast direction and 184 m wide) (measurement October 2007, Burger B.)

On the north-western edge of Korošica is Kocbek's mountain refuge: "Kocbekov dom na Korošici" home.

In 1876, the first hut was built on Korošica, which was destroyed in a fire in 1881. In 1882, a new hut was built, which was renovated and extended several times in the following century.
In 2007, Kocbek's home had the basic dimensions from the renovation in 1912.
The surround 360° photography shows the condition of Kocbek's home in 2007, and later the entire size was renovated. Kocbek's home in Korošica burned down on the night of 20/21 due to the careless behavior of guests. October 2017

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