Slovenščina BiH SARAJEVO 1914-1918


Boštjan Burger

Sarajevo je

Sarajevo is the capital and the cultural and educational centre of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The city is situated along  the Miljacka River in the intermountain depression on the elevation of about 500 m. Sarajevo is encircled by Bjelašnica, Igman, Jahorina and Trebević mountains which are a good base for a winter sports. In the year 1984 Sarajevo hosted 14th Winter Olympic Games and the city was declared as the City of peace and love what was historicaly right point of view but only eight years later citizens of Sarajevo became hostages...

The cause of the WWI. : The Latin Bridge - this bridge is known as the place where Serbian terrorist murdered Austro-Hungarian Heir to the Throne, Archduke Franc Ferdinand and his wife Sophia. This assassination was the initialisation of the start of the World War I.

Bosna in Hercegovina