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Church of St. Pancras

above Stari Trg nearby Slovenj Gradec

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Church of St. Pancrus stands on Grajski Grič (530 m), north of Stari Trg near Slovenj Gradec.
The name of the hill indicates that there used to be a castle on the hill. The castle above Stari Trg has been mentioned in historical sources since 1091 and is one of the oldest residential fortifications in Slovenia. On the site of the former fortified tower "bergfrida", today is the church bell tower, which is separate from the church. The former castle hall was converted into a castle chapel, which received its present-day church appearance during the Baroque period. During the Turkish invasions of Slovenian territory in the early 16th century, the church was fortified. The church is characterized by the sacred stairs on the south side of the church, which complete the Way of the Cross, which ascends from the Old Church of St. Radegunde. The vault of the "sacred stairs" is richly painted with frescoes by the Baroque painter Anton Lerchinger from the second half of the 18th century.
Surround photography of the staircase show frescoes that have not been restored since their creation. The interior of the church was renovated by the Restoration Center of the Republic of Slovenia in the period from 1986 to 1999.

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