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Slapovi Slovenije (1993-1998) Waterfalls of Slovenia

Slovenija|Slovenska Istra|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls|Sočerga

Veli Vir


Veli vir is a very distinctive waterfall of Slovenian Istria. It flows over the ledge into the emerald green pool. Even the height is only about 6 m it is worth seeing because of extraordinary feelings caused by the environs.

Approach: from the main road in Sočerga to the local road to Tuljaki village. After 2 km is a turning to Sokoliči village. Another 1 km of asphalt road and on the end of village is a way mark to Veli vir waterfall. About 15 minutes of descent to the pool of the waterfall. The bed of the brook is usually dry during the summertime so the best time for a visit is from autumn to springtime.

Lokacija GPS: N:45°27'37" E:13°52'40" nadmorska višina /elevation dno/bottom ~ 220 m
Slovenija|Slovenska Istra|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls|Sočerga

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