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Virje waterfall

Burger Landmarksvirtualna ekskurzija

Overall Height: 12 m
Tallest Single Drop: 12 m
Total Number of Drops: 1
Waterfall Type: fan
Watercourse: Glijun
Average Width: 20 m
Volume : NA
Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: autumn/spring
Known Alternate Names: Virje
Lokacija: Plužna GPS WGS 84
N: 46.334126° 13.515798°
Elevation (bottom) ~ 418 m

Stream Glijun is the right tributary of the Soča River. The Karst spring of the Glijun at an altitude of 450 m is fed from the Kaninski podovi. Three hundred meters from the source flows the stream Glijun into the 12 m high Virje waterfall. The Virje waterfall (virtual excursion) is most waterborne in the spring months: March-June. In the summer, especially after dry winters, the water flow is very low.

ACCESS: From the center of Bovec 3 km to the west on the road to the settlement Plužna. In Plužna there is not a lot of space for parking the vehicle, therefore a footpath is recommended. From Plužna it is in the west in the length of 800 m narrow road towards the pool of Virje waterfall. Access is easy and convenient for a family trip. Time of walking in one direction: From Bovec to Plužna 30 min, from Plužna to the Virje waterfall 10 min.

46.258872, 13.515798

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