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Boka waterfall

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Overall Height: 450 m
Tallest Single Drop: 106 m
Total Number of Drops: 2
Waterfall Type: fan
Watercourse: Boka
Average Width: 20+ m
Volume : 100 m3/s +
Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: autumn/spring
Known Alternate Names: Boka
Lokacija: TNP, Vrata (GPS WGS 84)
N: 46°20'57" E:14°03'36"
Elevation (bottom) ~ 725 m

Boka (virtual excursion) is a karst spring, a waterfall and a torrent stream, which is the right tributary of the Soča River.

DESCRIPTION: For a waterfall of 15 to 20 m, we would say that it is quite solid and more than just worth mentioning. What would you say for a waterfall that is so wide and buzzing in more than a hundredth drop? The Boka Waterfall, with the height of the upper level of 106 m and the width of 18 m, is undoubtedly the most magnificent waterfall in Slovenia and there is not much in Europe for them to ride with it. Adding another 38 m high waterfall in which the "official part" of the waterfall falls, we get the highest waterfall in Slovenia (height 144 m). In the driest periods there is still a flow of two cubic meters per second, with abundant rains the flow to powerful hundred cubic meters per second. Unfortunately, the waterfall is not as known as waterfalls Savica, Rinka or Peričnik, although all three could be placed next to each other, multiplied by three in width, and the "might" could hardly be enough for a single Boka waterfall.

ACCESS: From Bovec 3 km to Žagi. At the bridge there is a parking lot right across the stream of Boka. Across the road we reach a macadam road, which is already after 100 m split into the path through the stream (to the protected climbing path to the limber above the waterfall), and on the path leading to the forest and then along the serpetine path along the edge of the hill to the waterfall Boka. We have a waterfall all the time in front of us, only the view to it is changing according to the ascent, until it is "placed" in front of us and we can enjoy the beautiful view of this magnificent waterfall. For the whole path from the parking lot to the arranged sightseeing is ten minutes of ascent. After another half an hour of moderate walk up from the arranged sightseeing, a "frontal" view of the entire waterfall is opened.




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