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Slapovi Slovenije (1993-1998) Waterfalls of Slovenia

Slovenija|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls
Ruscov slap
Mlečni potok (Milk brook - original name: Milpoh) flows in a severall smaller waterfalls but the highest is The waterfall of Rus - Ruscov slap. It is easy accessed by the vechicle. Althought the flow is limited with the small hydro-electric power station, the waterfall is still picturesque and worth seeing.
Ruscov slap height: ~ 15 m
Ruscov slap - The waterfall of Rus
Access: Waterfall is situated only 500 m by the road from the Podbrdo in direction to Petrovo brdo. After the first sharp turn is a macadame place where the vehicle could be stoped. There are only a few metres to the pool of the waterfall.
Slovenija|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls

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