Slovenija - slapovi (1995-1998)


Slovenija|Solčava|Logarska dolina|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls
Brložniški slapovi

Waterfalls of the Brloznica brook Below the Zabrloznica mountain (1.635 m) on the left side of the Logarska dolina (valley) is the spring of the Brloznica brook. At the altitude of 1.132 m is a natural window : stone bridge. Nearby, about 10 m lower the brook jumps into the fourth (up to the stream) waterfall with the height of 9 m. Lower are three more waterfalls with the magnificent first waterfall with the height of about 40 m. The bottom of this waterfall is at the altitude of 997 m.

ACCESS: Solcava : Logarska dolina (valley) - Dom planincev (hut with the restaurant). Starting point is at the altitude of 837 m. From the hut leads the pathway towards the inner valley. This pathway is a part of the educational naturalistic trail. After 10 min. of walk is a charcoal-burners hut and after another 10 min. of walk is a wooden bridge over the Brloznica brook. After the bridge is a path to the right, which leads to the natural window about 200 m higher. Approach to the first waterfall up to the stream is from the path to the right along the brook- about 100 m from the wooden bridge. There is no path. Some climbing is necessary but it really worths: the lower waterfall of the Brloznica is very beautifull and magnificant one. The right tributary of the Brloznica brook has a non permanent waterfall. It is located a 100 m right from the lower waterfall on the same altitude.

A view to the lower waterfall of Brloznica

Height: ~ 130 feet

More pictures: Gornji slap - upper waterfall|Drugi in tretji slap - middle waterfalls|Desni pritok Brloznice - right tributary

Overall Height: ~ 392 feet / 125 meters

Tallest Single Drop: 130 feet / 40 meters

Total Number of Drops: 4

Waterfall Type: plunge, wide stream (the highest waterfall)

Watercourse: Potok Brložnica.

Average Width: N/A

Volume : low

Max. Recorded Volume: N/A

Best Flows: spring, autumn

Known Alternate Names: Brložnica

Location: Logarska dolina (GPS WGS 84): N:46°22'39"E:14°36'34" Altitude (bottom) ~ 997 m

Slovenija|Solčava|Logarska dolina|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls