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Slapovi Slovenije (1993-1998) Waterfalls of Slovenia

Slovenija|Triglavski narodni park (Triglav national park)|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls
Slapovi v Tamarju

Izvir Nadiže (Nadiža spring)
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Alpine valley Tamar is a part of the Triglav national park. Nadiža is actually a real spring of Sava Dolinka river. find out more at 'Zelenci'. Spring is at the altitude of 1232. Like a Boka spring or Soca spring is a karst-venthole. Just below the spring is a waterfall with the height of about ~ 12 m. From the altitude of 1232m to the 1110 m water flows in a severall rapids and then disapear underground. ACCESS: From Kranjska Gora to the Planica and Tamar (5,5 Km) from the main road Kranjska Gora - Ratece. From the hut "Planinski dom Tamar" waterfalls are visible and a noise of the falling water could be heard. There is a fine footpath up to the hill. It takes only 20 minutes to the spring - 974 m of walk. Hike is easy (well...some condition is needed, and boots indeed). Be carefull when you are near the waterfall - keep kids with the hands because footh path is not secured.

1. Lokacija GPS: N:46°27'00" E:13°42'33" nm. višina/altitude dno/bottom ~ 1232 m
Slovenija|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls

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