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Slap Savice

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Known Alternate Names: Slap Savica

Watercourse: Savica
Overall Height: 255 feet / 78 meters
Tallest Single Drop: 255 feet / 78 meters
Total Number of Drops: 1 + 1
Waterfall Type: two streams
Average Width: N/A
Volume : N/A Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: spring, autumn
Location: Bohinj N:46°17'34"E:13°47'51"
Altitude (bottom) ~ 2923 feet / 894 metres

Waterfall Savica is one of the most famous and popular waterfalls in Slovenia and it is also a spring . The great poet France Prešernen enternized this waterfall in a poem "Krst pri Savici" - and some other cheerfull poems... Official height is 78 m...about 240 feet, but in a rainly days its spring gets water from the slope of Komarca (you can see it on the right picture...). This waterfall is really something special: water sink 500 m above in the mountains and come through the vertical underground channels to the horizontal tunnel and from it as a top of the 78 high waterfall, one part of the water sink in a tunnell again and come out as a 25 m high waterfall - left part of the Savica waterfall. Waterfall leftside from Savica.

Access: from Bohinj lake - one hour of walk, or from "Savica hut" - only 15 min. "upstairs". Notice: a fee must be paid to visit this waterfall.

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