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Slap Savice

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Known Alternate Names: Slap Savica

Watercourse: Savica
Overall Height: 255 feet / 78 meters
Tallest Single Drop: 255 feet / 78 meters
Total Number of Drops: 1 + 1
Waterfall Type: two streams
Average Width: N/A
Volume : N/A Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: spring, autumn
Location: Bohinj N:46°17'34"E:13°47'51"
Altitude (bottom) ~ 2923 feet / 894 metres

Savica is a karst spring, waterfall and stream that flows into Lake Bohinj in the delta. The Savice waterfall is certainly one of the more famous waterfalls, which has a touch of romance and a kind of historical significance. It is one of the most visited Slovenian waterfalls and is also of great tourist importance in the Bohinj area. Already France Prešeren sang it in more humorous songs .... and right at the foot of the waterfall, the idea for the famous poem Krst pri Savici was probably born. In summer, at dawn, when the first rays of the sun touch the falling beam of water, a beautiful rainbow forms at the waterfall. The visible part of the Savica receives water from the area of ​​the 500 m higher Black Lake. When you could venture into the mysterious underworld, you would certainly encounter high underground waterfalls. Or maybe at almost 500 m high waterfall? Among the waterfalls in the world, the Savica is a special feature, as the water flow is already divided into two strands in the hidden underground. The lower-lying right, 25 m high beam flows through an underground fissure from the higher-lying lake in the explored underground tunnel. The left, 78 m high beam also flows at the height of the same underground tunnel, but from a neighboring lake into which water flows from that pond from which water seeps down into the lower right beam. After heavy rains, it can also get a magnificent 'left neighbor': a more than 550 m high multi-stage waterfall: Komarško slapišče.

ACCESS: From the Zlatorog Hotel near Lake Bohinj there is a nicely marked footpath towards the waterfall. One hour of relaxed walk and we are already at the foot of the waterfall. A more common route is from the arranged parking lot at Dom Savica. From there, the signpost leads us along the road towards the log cabin with souvenirs and entrance fee. From here we set off along a stone bridge over Mala Savica and up a well-kept and well-maintained path. A special feature of this route are the many stairs. Only fifteen minutes of ascent is to the wooden pavilion, from where there is a beautiful view of the waterfall.

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