Pogacarjev trg
location: Ljubljana / Slovenia
latitude: 46°03'04" N (WGS 84)
longitude: 14°30'30" E
altitude: 289 m

Vernal equinox on 20th March in the year 2005 was in a time of the Palm Sunday. Flower market is situated on Pogacarjev Square at St. Nicolas Cathedral in the old nucleus of Ljubljana. Palm Sunday bundles made from shavings of wood and painted various colors are the feature and the peculiarity of Ljubljana ethnology. Colorific bundles made by handy craftswomen or men are small works of art and the most quested goods on a marketplace in a week before the Palm Sunday. Bundles made from shavings of wood were meant for the townspeople, who had no fields and no cattle. In a present day, the bundles are a decoration of homes for a year and a day until the next Palm Sunday.


(17-20 March 2005) author: (c) Boštjan Burger