World Heritage
Boštjan Burger - Burger Landmarks

The Škocjanske jame Regional park

Visualisation of the complete landscape and area of the Regional park Škocjanske jame covers 413 hectares with over 150 high resolution Virtual Reality panoramas including audio files of the nature. The project includes also the complete much improved and more detailed display of the turist footpath over Skocjan caves starting in Paradise[A] in Silent cave to Great hall to the largest European underground canyon, across the Cerkvenik bridge and to the entrance of the river Reka to underground from Velika dolina. Virtual reality panoramas with the sound of nature cover the complete trail along the gorge of Reka river[B] from Tabor on the east part of the Regional park to the sink of the river into the Cave of Mahorčič below the Škocjan settlement. It is possible to virtually explore collapsed dolines Mala and Velika dolina[C] and encircle the surroundings. On the southern side of Matavun settlement is huge collpased doline Sokolak[D]. 2400 long trail leads around the collapsed delone with the great panoramas to the north. Do you know what is unroofed cave? - not so turistis attractive but educational trail to dolines on the WN area of the park[E] and Lipje jame with the stalactite on the bottom of unroofed cave.

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