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Grad Brdo pri Lukovici

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Brdo Castle is located in the settlement Brdo pri Lukovici. The castle was first mentioned as Brdo in the 15th century but was destroyed in the peasant uprising of 1515. The current outer structure of the ruins is a 16th-century castle that was built by the Counts of Lamberg. In 1803 the castle was sold to Janez Burger. It was then inherited by his daughter Ivana Burger Höffern, who remained the owner until 1879. The Slovene writer Janko Kersnik was born at the castle in 1852 and was also its owner from 1883 until his death in 1897. Ownership then passed to Kersnik's mother Berta Höffern Kersnik, and then to his son Anton Kersnik in 1911. In 1941 the German occupation authorities arrested inhabitants and exiled them to Serbia, expropriated the castle and headquartered a German police and military unit in it. The castle was burned down by the resistance movement in 1943. After the end of the Second World War the revolutionary authorities refused permission to its owners to restore the castle. The building was therefore left without a roof, and it rapidly began to deteriorate and only the exterior walls now remain as seen with the virtual presentation.

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