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2020 - Ljubljana in a COvid-19 situation and City as the Art Gallery of artist Veronika Burger



2012 > more: Miklavževanje (St. Nicolas eve)

2010 > more: Ljubljansko barje (Ljubljana Marsh)




Zima (2006-2010)

2003 ( arhive, old OS needed)

1996-2000 (arhive only) je

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, where the Slovenian Parliament and the Palace of the President of the Republic of Slovenia are located. Despite being a small city, it has a diverse history. The characteristic of the city is the old town core - 'Old Ljubljana', through which flows the Ljubljanica River and many churches. Informal center of the city is Prešernov trg (square), which is connected with the "Old Town" with the famous triple bridge - 'Tromostovje'. On the castle hill above the city stands the Ljubljana castle with a viewing tower from which view of the city and its surroundings. The lungs of the city are park Tivoli, which offers a quick retreat from the city bustle and in the immediate vicinity of the Ljubljana Zoo. An important 'green' point of the city is also a small but famous Botanical Garden. Among the cultural halls of the city are museums and galleries. The architect Jože Plečnik gave a great impression to the present appearance of Ljubljana, with the world first connected by the railway station. The festive December is boasting of the wild events and vividly decorated city streets.

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