Franciscan monastery and the church of the St. Jacob
FRanciscan blazon
 The monastery has very valuable library, which was founded in 1627. It is one of the oldest in Slovenia. The library has over 10.000 old fasciscles and at least 25 incunabula (from 1450 to 1500). 
The library has also about three thousand books from the 17th and 18th century. Among incunabula are also the complete Bible of Jurij Dalmatin (1584) , Pentateuch (1578) and the first edition of  "Slava vojvodine Kranjske" - J.W. Valvasor. Pentateuch worths special mention, as there are only six copies in the world. The library surely belongs among the greatest historic and cultural treasures of the world.
Old fascicles
Inside the library
Copper engraving
Copper engraving
Fascicles are settled by the field: The Holy bible(religion), juridical, historical, mathematic, medicine  and  literary.

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