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Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh (1.543 m n.v.)

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Češka koča na Spodnjih Ravneh (1,543 m n.v.) stands at the top of the frontal moraine above the southern canopy of Ravenska kočna and below the northern wall of Dolška škrbina and Grintovec (the highest mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps). The path to Češka koča from Ravenska kočna over Štularjeva planina (1.5 hours) is one of the easier mountain trails and for many it was the first 'high mountain' footpath. The mountain lodge building is the only one that has retained its original appearance since its construction in 1900. The name Czech hut comes from the builders of the hut - Chekhov. From here it is an ideal starting point for the nearby 2,000-meter peaks - from the viewpoint in front of the mountain post there is a view to the right towards Ravenska kočna to Velika and Mala Baba, Ledinski vrh, Jezersko sedlo, Rinke, Skuta, behind Grintovec, Dolška škrbina and left to Vratca and Brake.

Why "Češka koča"? The hut was built by a mountaineering association from Prague and opened on July 26, 1900.

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