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Postojnska jama

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Postojnska jama (The Postojna cave) is a ~ 20.570 m long (source: Slovenia cave cadastre, 2016) karst subterranean system near Postojna and is one of the largest in Slovenia. The Otoška jama, Magdalena jama, Črna jama, Pivka jama also belong to the cave system of Postojna Cave.

In the summer of 2015 (June 20, 2015), cavers-divers discovered 3500 m long underwater passages, so the new the length of the cave is 24.120 m.

The Pivka River created a submerged river that sinks from the Postojna polje under the hill Sobič and continues its underground stream towards the underground confluence with Rak in Planinska jama and flows to the plane as the Unica River. The underground course of the Pivka River gradually reduced its riverbed in two million years, thus creating various floors of the cave.

Permanent temperature: ~ 8 ° C,

Depth: -115 m,


The cave had visitors in view of the old stone inscriptions found in the 13th century. In 1884, electric lighting was installed, and in 1872 railroad tracks were installed, where the cave guides first pushed carts with visitors, but today the train drives smaller electric locomotives. A 5.3 km of thecave is open for a tourist visit.

The mysterious underworld of the Postojna is that piece of Slovenia that has been shaped and shaped by water; and in the bosom of the world-famous Postojna Cave hides the most beautiful thing that has been created in millions of years; with a droplet drop, year after year ...

Over 175 years of organized tourism, more than 26 million curious people from all over the world strolled through the cascaded and dirty world of the Postojna Cave. The old signatures in the entrance trenches show that the first visitors in it were already in the 13th century.

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