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Bonifacio (Bunifaziu)

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Bonifacio - Bunifazu is the southernmost city of Corsica. The city is separated from Sardinia by a 12 km wide Bonifacio. The city lies on a narrow peninsula with a high Cretaceous cliff that creates a narrow 1700 m long bay, which is a natural harbor.

The southern coast of Corsica in the vicinity of Bonifacia is built from a white sedimentary cretaceous limestone, from which nature unmasked unusual sculptures. A little more to the north, limestone is replaced by the granite from which Corsica and Sardinia are built. The Bonifacio harbor is built in the narrow bonifacio Bonifacio.

In prehistoric times, the sea level was lower, and Sardinia and Corsica were connected to the mainland, while the Bonifacio Bay was part of the valley that led towards the Corsican highland. Water in the bay is about 3.5 m deep, which was more than enough for old ships and smaller modern vessels.

The city of Bonifacio is composed of two parts: Vieille ville (Old Town) and Haute Ville (Upper Town), built on the cap inside the citadel. The Citadel was built in the 9th century when the city was founded. It was later rebuilt and rebuilt several times, and until recently it was the administrative center of the French foreign legion. Today is a museum. The majority of inhabitants sometimes lived in Haute-Ville, where they were well protected from the enemy. Marina and the newer parts of the city are built on the plain at the end of the bay.

The upper part of the city and part of the wall are built on the top of the cave some 70 meters above the sea. The cavern was lowered by the sea, so it seems that the buildings on the edge of the cliff are built on the overhang.

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