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After Italians occupied the mountain pasture Lapoč (virtual excursion) during the first day of June 1915, at the very beginning of the battles of the Isonzo battlefield, the front line had been established above the pastures along the border of the Pretovč pasture. The front line didn't move for another 29 months. The Austro-Hungarian defenders fortified the rocky rising above the pasture, while Italians drilled trenches and caverns in to the rocks below. Italians chiseled a path below the southern, abyssal edge, which connected the battlefield with the shelters and abodes of units in the immediate rear at the southern slope and under the Hill 1186. In the effort of breaching the opposition's defense, the front line was heaped with vast amounts of weapons and tunnels were drilled in the opposition's direction in order to blast their positions with mines. All of this achieved nothing, thought, Mrzli vrh became one of the most notorious names of the Isonzo battlefield.
Source: the info board of Pot miru, set on Lapoč pasture (September 28th 2014)

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