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Kolovrat (virtual excursion) is about 3.5 km long mountain ridge with the elevations of about ~ 1100 m and is spanning in direction east-west above the right bank of Soča River. On the ridge of Kolovrat, east from the Livške Ravne settlement is a borderline between Italy and Slovenia. From the ridge are panoramic vistas to Julian Alps on the north and Veneto area all the way to the Adriatic Sea.
In a time of the First World War the Italian Army built a network of fortified trenches, caverns, and artillery positions named »linea d' armata«. Italian army was monitoring the mountain battlefields  on the left bank of Soča River between towns Tolmin and Kobarid.
The east most area of Kolovrat between summits of Tinški vrh (1,136 m) and Na Gradu (1,115 m) is today free accessible Outdoor Museum of First World War which is maintained by The Walk of Peace in the Soča Region Foundation.

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