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Volitve 2018: Piratska stranka

Natural and historical features, beauty of the country and good geographical location, just near the Alps, make Bled and countryside an ideal place for tourism. Bled has a mild, sub-Alpine climate. It is protected from the northern winds with the ridges of the Julian and Karavanke Alps. The average temperature in June is 19°C and January is -1.7°C. Only 3 km from the lake is one of the the best golf playgrounds on the word and in the settlement is an administrative centre of Triglav National Park. Lake Bled lies at the elevation of 475 m . Lenght of the lake is 2120 m and the width 1380 m, surface of the lake is 144 hectares, the deepest point is 30,6 m, the highest temperature of the water reaches about 25°C (July). The 'icons' of Bled are picturesque isle on the natural lake nad a castle built on the steep rock above the lake.

Uvod - Prologue

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