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Slapovi v Kotu

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Kot valley is known as one of the points for ascent to Triglav. But few people know that at the end of this glacial valley there are several waterfalls, which we can otherwise hear if we listen better when ascending the marked path. Unfortunately, there is no sign of waterfalls anywhere at the entrance to the valley, only the "Kot" signpost. In the Kota canopy there is a karst spring in the precipice wall from which a ~ 20 m high waterfall flows.

ACCESS: From Mojstrana we take the road towards Bled 4 km to the turnoff towards Kot, which is also indicated by a wooden signpost. From here we continue on the footpath along the forest road until we reach a meadow squeezed between the forest and the steep walls after 4 km. From here we follow the markings that lead us through the forest towards the end of Kot. After 30 minutes of walking, the path begins to climb steeply.

a. Before the ascent, there is an unmarked turn to the right, after which we descend to the bed of the Kotarica stream, where the forest ends and at the same time a beautiful view of the valley opens up. Continue along the path along the right bank of the stream and after 5 minutes. we can see the characteristic shape of the Waterfalls in Kot. The way to here is easy and is also suitable for family trips. The path along the riverbed up by the waterfall is not recommended as it is crunchy and also some larger stones roll down every now and then. If we are persistent, we can climb the right bank above the first waterfalls, from where we can see the mighty rapids in the form of a stepped waterfall. We continue our way down to and across the stream and right along the scree above the third waterfall until the gorge ends. To the left is a view of a waterfall falling over the walls.

b. The path continues along a steep serpentine path. It is well-kept and we are also guided by markings. After an hour of ascent through places with wedges and steel ropes protected paths, we reach the saddle from where we can spring and autumn, and sometimes even in summer we observe smaller waterfalls where snowflakes flow.

Location GPS (WGS84):

N: 46 ° 24'24 "E: 13 ° 53'40" altitude: bottom ~ 1000 m

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