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Kozjak waterfall

virtualna ekskurzijavirtual excursion

Overall Height: 450 m
Tallest Single Drop: 15 m
Total Number of Drops: 6
Waterfall Type: fan
Watercourse: Kozjak
Average Width: NA
Volume : NA
Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: autumn/spring
Known Alternate Names: Veliki Kozjak
Lokacija: TNP, Vrata (GPS WGS 84)
N: 46°15'40" E:13°35'30"
Elevation (bottom) ~ 312 m

Kozjak (virtual excursion) is a left tributary of the Soča river. Its springs are getting water from the high mountains from Oblo brdo (1957m), Krnicica (2142m) and Srednji vrh (1957m). There are six waterfalls but only lower two are accessible by the well tourist route. Waterfall Veliki Kozjak is very picturesque. Brook has caved a nature hall which looks like a karst cave. It falls in a dark-green pool.

ACCESS:From the Kobarid over the bridge in the direction to Dreznica (Napoleon Bridge). After a 150 m is sign and a left turn to the remains from the I. world war and to the waterfall Veliki Kozjak.Picturesque and nice footpath leads to the waterfalls. It is a great "family "hike to there.Whole hike from Kobarid takes less than 60 min.

46.258872, 13.589807

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