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Rinka (Slap Savinje)

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Savinja - Rinka waterfall is one of the most beautiful and most visited waterfalls in Slovenia. It is the highest waterfall of the twenty (permanent and occasional) in Logarska dolina. It is visited in all seasons: in summer it is popular with tourists, in winter it is a popular spot for mountaineers - climbers on ice waterfalls. The most famous part of the waterfall is the lower, 90 m high step. Above the waterfall are two smaller steps, which can be seen on the way to Okrešelj.

Total height: 105 meters

Highest individual level: 90 meters

Levels: 3

Waterfall type: free-falling, single-stranded waterfall

Watercourse: Savinja

Average width: / Water flow: / frozen in winter

Maximum recorded flow: no data available

The strongest flow: spring, autumn

Waterfall name: Rinka


Logarska dolina (GPS WGS 84): N: 46 ° 22'11 "E: 14 ° 38'39" Altitude bottom ~ 1120 m

Water content: constant

Naming watercourses. In the description, the watercourse is mentioned as the original Savinja stream. The stream soon disappears in a mostly dry riverbed and is called Kotovec. A few kilometers down the valley, the Črna stream joins, which originates below Orlovec (767 m). The river actually gets the name Savinja only after the confluence of the streams Črna and Jezera, which flows from Matkov kot.

From Solčava to Logarska dolina. Access is possible by vehicle, followed by a 15-minute walk to the waterfall. The first source of the Savinja is above the Rinka waterfall, at an altitude of 1,380 m. The rest of the surface water is obtained from the Okrešelj area. A watercourse called Kotovec flows upstream, most of the year under gravel, to the lower end of the Logar Valley. The second source of the Savinja or also the source of the Črna is at an altitude of 767 m. The Črna flows along the lower part of the Logarska valley for another 1,600 m and forms the Savinja River with the tributary Jezera.

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