Slovenija - slapovi (1995-1998)


Slovenija|Rinka|Solčava|Logarska dolina|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls
Rinka - Slap Savinje

Waterfall of Savinja River - Rinka waterfall is one of the most beautiful and popular waterfalls in Slovenia. It is also a popular touristic destination. It is the highest waterfall of the 20 waterfalls in the Logarska valley. the visit is possible in all seasons of the year. In the summer time many tourists from all over the Slovenia visit it. In the winter time it is popular for the ice-climbers. The best view to the waterfall is from the Kamniško sedlo (mountain saddle) - as it is shown on the picture.

ACCESS: From the Solcava to Logarska dolina. Access is also possible with the cars or buses. From the road to the waterfall is 15 min. of hike.

Pictures: Rinka 1929 more pictures: #1|#2|#3|#4|#5|#6

Waterfall Rinka from the Kamni[ko sedlo - Slap Rinka iy Kamniškega sedla Rinka Height: ~ 283 feet

Overall Height: 330 feet / 105 meters

Tallest Single Drop: 283 feet / 90 meters

Total Number of Drops: 3

Waterfall Type: plunge Watercourse: Savinja

Average Width: N/A Volume : N/A Max. Recorded Volume: N/A Best Flows: spring, autumn

Known Alternate Names: Slap Savnje, Rinka

Location: Logarska dolina (GPS WGS 84): N:46°22'11"E:14°38'39 Altitude (bottom) ~ 1120 m

Slovenija|Solčava|Logarska dolina|SLAPOVI SLOVENIJE - waterfalls