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Nemiljski šum

Overall Height: 18 m
Tallest Single Drop: 18 m
Total Number of Drops: 1
Waterfall Type: cascades
Watercourse: Nemiljščica
Average Width: NA
Volume : NA
Max. Recorded Volume: N/A
Best Flows: autumn/spring
Known Alternate Names: Nemiljski šum, Šum
Lokacija: TNP, Vrata (GPS WGS 84)
Elevation (bottom) ~ 420 m

Waterfall Šum on Nemiljščica stream use to be a very popular tourist destination in the beginning of the 20 th century. Even postcards were made. Nowdays it seemed to be forgotten and hiden in a wild ravine. It is hard to belive that there is no tourist route from Kranj. But local people are proud to have such a magnificant waterfall so a very well path with the wooden stairs leads from the nearby village Nova vas. Waterfall could be accessed in any season of the year. It is not easy to measure the height of the waterfall Šum. It is type of the waterfall with the slide flow on the rock slope. Height is approximately 18 m (~64 feet) but it might be even higher.ACCESS:From the centre of Kranj to the waterfall Šum is only 8 km. Follow the local road from Kranj to Sp.Besnica and after 8 km is a village Nova vas. There is a waymark to the waterfall. A fine path with the wooden stairs leads to the bottom of the ravine. It is only 15 minutes of hike. Whole waterfall could be seen there.

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