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Orličje: waterfall Orglice and Waterfal Nad Kamendolom

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The waterfall Orličje, also Orglice on some maps, lies in the canopy of the picturesque valley of the Kamniška Bela stream. It is an extremely interesting waterfall, sooty at an altitude of 790 m it falls along a gentle rock crevice, which plunges into a nearby rock wall into a small pool.

Together with a small jump, which is actually the top of the waterfall and falls into an invisible rock fissure from below and thence after a visible fall, it is about 40 m high.

The watercourse that creates the waterfall is of a torrential nature and in the dry months the riverbed is empty and only the damp walls indicate a water flow. Above the waterfall is a torrent bed that flows through an area called Kamendol. Along the riverbed of the torrent, a demanding and unmarked mountain trail leads over Skok and further under the western walls of Lučki dedac (2023) towards Petkove njive and Korošica.

Few people know that 350 m higher altitude above Orglice in the off-roads above Kamendol is a 50 m high two-stage waterfall: Slap nad Kamendolom (* working name). (Surround 360° photography shows the pool between the stages during the dry season). The torrent bed is fed by torrents of torrents from below Zeleniške špice.

ACCESS: Road Kamnik-Kamniška Bistrica.

(1.) Just before Kamniška Bistrica, the first path leads to the right, just before the stone bridge over the Kamniška Bela gorge (Pred Belo). To the left at the entrance to the valley rises Mešenik, to the right Kopa. Unfortunately, the trail is not marked with signposts or a notice of the proximity of the waterfall. Following a beautiful walking path (10 min.) We come to the Kamniška Bela stream. During the rainy season, this is the only place on the trail where access is blocked even for less skilled walkers, as we have to hunt for balance on the rocks across the riverbed. The way forward is a walk .. After 20 min. walking under the steep peaks, (left Kamniški Dedec, right Ojstri rob and Rzenik) we come to a crossroads, where the only signpost is about the paths towards the peaks and for the right turn. Follow the left branch of the path along a sinking stream and after 10 minutes you will reach the picturesque Orglica waterfall.

(2.) The second path is more comfortable, as it is not necessary to elm the stream (but let out the troughs) of Kamniška Bela: from the stone bridge in the direction of Kamniška Bistrica there is a right turn to the footpath just after the bend. Hikers usually park their cars here. (Caution! Danger of collision!). A footpath above the right bank of the stream leads us to a cart track that leads into the interior of the valley.

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