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Ptuj Castle

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Picturesque castle above the town Ptuj has defended the settlement below the castle walls for centuries but today it is admired by visitors with its exceptional picturesque architecture and composition with old town. It is situated on the hill above the left bank of the Drava river. The oldest archaeological findings are from the end of the III. millennium B.C.
Famous antar road has taken its course over the Drava river below the castle hill. Old Romas set up a fortress and perhaps also a basilica. The oldest, still standing castle buildings are from the Middle ages. The castle and the town were owned by the Salzburg archdiocese in that time. The oldes written document about the castle is from the middle of the 12th century when the castle was build against the constant Hungarian invasion.
Administrators of the castle were ministerials who got the name "Lords of Ptuj".
Several architectural changes were made during the following centuries and the castle is settled as an imposing museum in a present time.

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