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Locomotive for passenger trains SŽ 17-006
former classification:
MAV 342,164
2-6-2 (1C1t h2)
year of construction:
1917 (from 1914)
Henschel, Kasselel
70 t
axle load:
14,4 t
13 m
driving wheel diameter:
1600 mm
boiler pressure:
13 bar
600 kW (820 HP)
top speed:
85 km/h
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A successful construction from the year 1914/15 for the suburban traffic of Budapest. Because the Budapest locomotive factory was unable to deliver enough locos, many were ordered from Henschel, Kassel. They came to Slovenia after 1928 and served till the end of the steam era on all important branch lines: Jesenice - Planica, Jesenice - Nova Gorica - Sežana / Ajdovščina, Ljubljana - Novo mesto - Metlika, Grosuplje - Kočevje, Maribor - Prevalje and Maribor - Pragersko - Kotoriba. The boiler is slightly undersized, therefore the steam pressure is somewhat uns