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4. Tonocov Grad Hill [SLO]
1. The Kobarid Museum
2. Roman settlement on Gradič Hill
3. Italian Charnel House
4. Tonocov Grad Hill
5. Italian line of defense
6. The Soča gorge
7. The Kozjak waterfalls
8. Italian line of defense
9. Napoleon Bridge
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Tonocov Grad is a steep rocky hill rising above the Soča north of the Kobarid. Owing to its naturally well protected position it had been used as a refuge or a settlement for centuries. The oldest traces of its being settled date several thousand years ago, from the middle Stone Age; it continued until the late Middle Ages. The hill played the most important role from the 4th to the 6 th centuries A.D., i.e. in the late Antiquity and in the time of people´s migrations.
A powerful military squad lived there that guarded an important pass from the Friuli lowlands to northern countries. Towards the end of the 5th century, a new settlement was built on the hill, with over twenty houses and several churches. At easily accessible parts the settlement was protected by walls. The already unearthed buildings, as well as those the contours of which are visible on the surface, and the rich finds rank Tonocov Grad among the most important and the best preserved late-Antiquity mountain forts in Eastern Alps.

Photo from the May 2000.