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Rakov Škocjan

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The karst valley of Rakov Škocjan is located between Cerknica polje (Cerkniško jezero - lake) on south-east, Unško polje on north and Planinsko polje on north-west.
The creation of this karst valley is the result of a junction of two types of valleys: 'the pocket valley' where the river has its source and the 'blind valley' where the river flows underground.

The Rak River flows from the cave Zelške jame. In the upper part, the gable end of the karst valley there are the remnants of the tunnel, which is the natural stone window ‘Mali naravni most’ and about 2.5 km down the Rak river is the natural bridge ‘Veliki naravni most’.
From the Great natural Bridge to Tkalca jama is a doline- blind valley shaped like a 180 m long gorge, where at the end Rak River sinks into cave Tkalca jama toward the subterranean junction with Pivka River in cave Planinska jama.

The area of Rakov Škocjan is protected as a regional park since 1949. A naturalistic and educational foothpath winds through the park. It is marked with descriptions at the each station.
The valley “Rakov Škocjan” received its name from the church of St. Kancijan which was abandoned, and now in ruins.

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