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[SLOVENSKO] :: Provence / Vaucluse département / Luberon / Gordes
During the history, many invasions forced the local populations in this area to find refuge on the hills. The strategic value of these fortified settlements lasted during the whole of the medieval times and part of the Renaissance, notably during the religious wars. Gordes is a typical example of such a 'perched' and fortified settlement.
Gordes is today with its picturesque location on the top of the hill listed as one of the most beautiful villages in France. The architectural sights of Gordes are the castle and the church which dominate over the settlement. What we see on the surface of the hill is not the all what is Gordes - Gordes use to be settlement caved in to the hill, the part of the underground labyrinth is today open for visit. Nearby the Gordes is interesting village Lacoste and famous Abbey de Senanque.

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