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Basse-Normandie / Manche / Le Mont St-Michel. Abbaye du Mont-Saint-Michel - The abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel is a unique building. Constrained by the pyramidal shape of the mount sourrounded with the sandy grounds and quicksilver, its medieval builders wrapped the buildings around the 80 m high granite rock. The long history of this place is thought to date back to 708, when Aubert, Bishop of Avranches, had a sanctuary built on Mont-Tombe (old name) in honour of the Archangel. The mount soon became a major focus of pilgrimage. In the 10 th century, the Benedictines settled in the abbey, while a village grew up below its walls. By the 14 th century it extended as far as the foot of the rock. An impregnable stronghold durning the hundred Years War, mount-Saint-Michel is also an example of military architecture. Its ramparts and fortifications resisted all the English assaultsand as a resoult the Mount became a symbol of national identity. Following the dissolution of the religious community durning the Revolution and until 1863 the abbey was used as a prison. Classified as a historic monumentin 1874, it underwent major restoration work. Since then, work has gone on regularly all over the site. Mont-Saint-Michel has been listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1979.

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