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Luksor - vzhodni in zahodni breg Nila
Luxor - east and west bank of Nile River
Dolinan kraljev - VALLEY OF THE KINGS Dolina kraljev - VALLEY OF THE KINGS Tempelj Kraljice Hacepsut Karnak Luksor Memnova kolosa Ob Nilu - Nile River
The Luxor area of Upper Egypt was the Thebes (Waset) of the ancient Egyptians - the capital of Egypt during the Middle and New Kingdoms - the city of a hundred gates. It was the capital of Egypt from the 12th dynasty (1991 B.C.) and reached its summit during the New Kingdom. During the time period the mud brick palaces of Thebes have disappeared but the stone built temples have survived.

Ancient Thebes with its Necropolis were inscribed to UNESCO human heritage list in 1979.

#1. Dolina kraljev
Valley of the Kings
#2. Memnonova kolosa
The Memnon colosses
#3. Reka Nil - Luksor
Nile River - Luxor
#4. Deir El Bahari
Tempelj kraljice Hačepsut
The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut
#5. Tempelj v Karnaku
The Karnak temple
#6. Luksor tempelj
The Luxor Temple

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