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Musée de l'Alta Rocca

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The museum's collections of Musée de l'Alta Rocca in Levie are the finds from digs carried out at Capula, Cucuruzzu, Caleca and Curacchiaghju. The Neolithic Age is presented by a set of flint and other tools made from obsidian. The Dame de Bonifacio is the oldest known Mesolithic human remains unearthed in Corsica. The ' Dame de Bonifacio' (Lady of Bonifacio) skeleton was discovered in Bonifacio's limestone cliffs. The burial of the 30 to 35 years old woman into limestone shelter of Araguina-Sennola, near the village of Capello north of Bonifacio was dated to ~6570 BC. The discovery proved that the area of South Corsica was inhabited in prehistoric times. The Bronze and Iron Ages are presented with the jewelery, pieces of ceramics and metal tools. The exhibition continues into display of the Middle Ages which are displayed with the original pieces of painted and glazed crockery and sets of coins from that time.
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