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Sredipolje memorial

Sacrario Militare di Redipuglia

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Redipuglia (Sredipolje) memorial (virtual excursion)- the largest Italian war memorial rises from the western face of the hillock Griža (Sei Busi) of the Doberdob karst plateau. During the world War I., this hill was bitterly fought over, as though it is very low, it allows a far view to the west from the summit, up to the first slopes of the Karst plateau.

The monumental terraces on which are ranged the tombs of the one hundred thousand fallen soldiers, and below which stands the impressive resting place of the Duke of Aosta, the commander of the Italian Third Army, give the impression of the deployment on the battlefield of a great military force with its leader its head. Here are buried the remains of 100,187 fallen Italian soldiers.

The sanctuary was completed in 1938 to the designs of the architect Giovanni Greppi and the sculptor Giannino Castiglioni.

See also: Italian ossuary at Kobarid (Caporetto)

text source: Italian memorials of the First World War. Italian Ministry of defence, edition 2011.

* Redipuglia come altre denominazioni lungo la fascia confinaria orientale derivo un etimo sloveno "sredi polja - Sredipolje", che significa divide i campi o "terra di mezzo".

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