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Waterfall Orličje (Orglice)

Waterfall 'Orličje' (Eagle's nest) is located at the end of the picturesque Valley of Kamniška Bela brook. This waterfall is very interesting because it falls along the rocky creft. Height of the waterfall is 130 feet - and only lower part of the waterfall is visible without climbing. But in general accesss to vista as seen on picture is easy.

ACCESS: an asphalt road (11.5 km) leads from Kamnik to Kamniška Bistrica. Few kilometres before Kamniska Bistrica is a cable railway to Velika planina and after another 1.7 km is a stone bridge which pass Kamniska Bela brook. 100 m after the bridge is a place to park a vehicle. Walking back over the bridge is an interesting view down from bridge to narrow gorge of Kamniška Bela brook. Just after the bridge is a rut inside the valley. The only trouble is to come over the brook (there is no footbridge), but it is quite easy...depence of the season. Brook sink under the rubble and dry riverbed is all the time on our left. Pleasant walk by the foothpath through the forest below the picturesque mountain peaks is suitable for a "family hike". Only 30 min. of walk from the stone bridge and there is end of the valley. Dry riverbed become full again and noise of the falling watter could be heard - waterfall.

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