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Slap pod Kopišči

Kamniška Bistrica is glacial shaped Alp valley with the location on the north of town Kamnik. It is located in the "hearth" of Kamnik-Savinja Alps. Just a few kilometres before the hut in Kamniška Bistrica is a small settlement - few houses, named Kopisca. Brook as a left tributary of Kamniska Bitrica River is "sliding" in a 48 feet high waterfall below this settlement.

Access: Road Kamnik - Kamniška Bistrica (about 15 km). After cable railway station to Velika planina in direction to Kamniška Bistrica is a settlement Kopišča (no signpost to mark this settlement as it is part of Kamniška Bistrica). At the left side of the road is a trail. After 100 m of walk the trail ends at the brook which falls (slides) in a narrow channel.To access the riverbed of Kamniška Bistrica is recomended to go around the top of waterfall and follow the left bank of the brook.

Uvod - Prologue

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