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Stranjski potok - waterfall Bojanca

Highland of Bohor is quite out ob the beaten tracks. Hike to the unspoiled country is a true joy and a withdraw from the fretful civilization. Beside the beautifull hilly country there are somehow mysterious waterfalls - specially on the south side of the Bohor. Water flow of the waterfalls is not strong, but it is permanent and with the harmony with the nature.

ACCESS:From Sevnica or Krško to the settlement Blanca. There follow an asphalt road just along the bank of the Blanščca brook. Near the G. Leskovec is a crossroad - just follow a road which is along the Blanščica.Before the Požun farmhouse is asmall wooden sign which directs into the ravine of Stranjski potok. The path leads few times over the brook. At the end of the ravine some climbing is needed along the 5 m high waterfall. There are iron steps which make the access easier. Smaller cascades follow and the ravine becomes narrower. At the end of the kettle shaped ravine is another waterfall - less than 3 m (9 feet). A sight to the Bojanca waterfall (15 m ~ 45 feet) is a reward for the efforts to come here.

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