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Stari vrh
Stari vrh is a popular skiing centre for the people from Škofja Loka and for the skiers from the other parts of Slovenia. Skiing slopes are from the altitude of 1200 m to 600 m and are well maintained. In the Zapreval (~ 860 m) are some well-equipped houses with the tourist capabilities.
altitude of ski slopes 580-1210 m,
area : 50 ha,
length: 10 km for alpine ski technique,
Ski devices:
1 x chair lift (two seated) - all week,
5 x ski lift
Capacity: 4.300skiers per hour.
interaktivna skica - interacitve map

[Slovenija|Stari vrh|Škofja Loka|Smučišča - SKI Centres]