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National and University Library (NUK)

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The National and University Library building was built in the year of 1936 on the site of the former Auersperg Palace, which suffered severe damage from the earthquake in the year of 1895, therefore it had to be demolished. Architect Jože Plečnik started to design the library in 1927. The initial groundwork and the construction started in year of 1936. The construction of the "sanctuary of the spirit", as envisioned by the architect Plecnik was finished before the beginning of the second WW. The building is a four story and four wing, in the shape of an irregular rectangle with two small inner courts. The exterior surface was made from various materials such as bricks and stone blocks of different sizes. In the interior is a number of excellent architectural details, made of marble, bronze or wood. The main reading room is a popular with students and seats 240. The National and University Library building is the most monumental creation of Slovenian architect Joze Plečnik.

Burger Landmarks

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