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Chapel in the Church of St. Jacob in Kamnik

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Chapel of the Holy Sepulcher in the Church of St. Jakob in Kamnik (1952-56). The chapel is one of the architect's late sacral works. The chapel is the work of the Slovenian architect Jožef Plečnik, who in the last years of his life created a lot in Kamnik and its surroundings. He made plans for the chapel in 1952, and it was completed two years later. It is full of symbolism, so the basic idea is a tent, as indicated by the ceiling with a border in the form of a seam, which is a characteristic decoration of the textile type. The ceiling is decorated with a vine, a symbol of Christ, which ends at the front with the last words of Jesus on the cross: UPDATED. The lights on the walls represent the stars. The tabernacle is made of one piece of stone and represents the tomb of Christ, and behind it is a large sun, which already indicates the dawn of the "third day" (resurrection). source: Franciscan monastery Kamnik (

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