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Church of the Ascension of Chris

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Church of the Ascension of Christ in Bogojina (1925-56).
Bogojina is a clustered settlement on the southern slopes of Goričko. The place was first mentioned in written sources in 1208, and acquired market rights in 1688. In Bogojina stands one of the most important buildings of modern sacral architecture in Slovenia: the parish church of the Lord's Ascension. Bogojina, parish church of the Ascension of Christ (1925-56). The characteristic of the church is that it embraces the apse of the old Romanesque church from the 14th century. The entrance to the new church is through the preserved entrance part of the old church. The new church has a bell tower with a round floor plan. This church, dedicated to the Ascension of the Lord, was built in 1925-1927 according to the plans of the most important Slovenian architect JOŽEF PLEČNIK (1872 - 1957), when the pastor of the church was IVAN BAŠA (1875 - 1931). The old church from the 14th century is completely preserved. century. Above it is the choir of the new church. The pillars, the altar, the baptistery, the pulpit and the communion table are made of marble from Podpeč near Ljubljana. The pottery plates on the oak ceiling and the jugs on the main altar are the work of local potters from Filovec and Bogojina. Statue of Christ on the front of the church and statue. All Jožef on the side altar is the work of the sculptor Lapuh from Ljubljana. The paintings of the Ascension above the main altar of the Way of the Cross are the work of Acad. painter Janez Mežan. The exterior of the church was newly whitewashed in 1999, and the interior of the church in 1998. Academician France Stele writes about this church that it should be considered one of the most important and interesting architectures of his homeland.

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