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Jožamurka and Brezjanka Pavilion, 1938-39

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Pavilions above Begunje - Jožamurka and Brezjanka Pavilion, 1938-39
Plans for a pavilion with the chapel of St. In the years 1937–1938, by order of the benefactors of the Order of St. Vincent Paulski was designed by architect Jože Plečnik. The pavilion, reminiscent of an ancient temple and showing a characteristic image of Plečnik's works, was named Jožamurka. The roof of the chapel rests on pillars with Doric capitals, built in a combination of stone and brick. Nearby is the open Brezjanka shed, the roof of which is supported by six strong oak pillars, which support the roof covered with concrete tiles. The floors are decorated with pebble, brick and ceramic mosaics. On the middle pillar was sometimes a statue of Mary.

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