Dear visitors,

Are you among those who believe that railways have played a crucial role in building the quality of life we enjoy today? Do you, moreover, hold that the way of life we now share is not just a chance inheritance, but rather the product of two centuries of creative thought by generation after generation of railwaymen, technicians and engineers, in whose debt we now stand?

If so, you share our belief! We remember our fathers who dedicated their lives to the railway with gratitude, and our grandfathers and their grandfathers before them, who lived with the railway and for it, and found beauty and pride in their labours. We acknowledge with respect their belief that they lived in stirring times and accomplished great works. We are determined that their toils shall not be forgotten. With all our hearts, we mark the warning that those without respect for the past do not deserve the future.

Here we strive to the best of our ability to keep a little of this history alive through our efforts to create a comprehensive railway museum. We are proud of what we have already achieved, for we have more than sixty locomotives and in excess of fifty other railway vehicles in our care, not to mention thousands of other rail-related artefacts. With the size of Slovenia's population in mind, we believe that our achievement is without equal. Even if your thoughts differ from ours, pay us a visit anyway! We firmly believe that we can persuade you of the validity of our viewpoint!

The Railway Museum of the Slovenian Railways (January 2000)