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Freight locomotive SB 718
former classification:
SB 29.718.;
JDŽ 124-004
0-6-0 (Cn2)
year of construction:
1861 (from 1859)
StEG (Haswell)
64 t
axle load:
13 t
14,3 m
driving wheel diameter:
1.245 mm
boiler pressure:
9 bar
300 kW (410 HP)
top speed:
45 km/h
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The class SB 29 was one of the best and most widely spread locos of the former Austrian Südbahn-Company. From 1859 to 1873 more than 200 engines were built by StEG, Sigl and Esslingen. After WW 1 66 Locos remained in the new South-Slavic State. In 1933 only 32 were left to be renumbered as class JDŽ 124. They attended light freight service, branch lines, shunting duties. No 718. is the oldest locomotive in the Museum collection. Historically reconstructed in 1949 for the 100th anniversary of the railways in Yugoslavia. In 1996 she was restored to her original state.