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Locomotive SŽ 71-012
former classification:
JDŽ 71-012, O-IX
0-6-0 (Ct n2)
year of construction:
Orenstein & Koppel
13,5 t
axle load:
4,5 t
6 m
driving wheel diameter:
700 mm
boiler pressure:
12 bar
90 kW (120 HP)
top speed:
25 km/h
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In 1922 as part of WW 1 reparations numerous locos of this type, gauge 760 mm, were delivered to Kingdom of SHS to state- and industrial railways. Three of them were later bought in Bosnia by the Jesenice Iron Works for its internal transport. They were classified as O-VIII, O-IX and O-XI. In 1988 the Iron Works abandoned the narrow gauge system. The O-VIII pulled solemnly the last train and was put under protection as a museum piece. The O-XI was acquired by the Railway Museum of the SŽ. She is plinthed now as a monument in Zreče. The O-IX was being overhauled at that time, awaiting final assembly. In 1991 the Railway Museum was able to acquire her by means of a swap for scrap. She has been put in working order.