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Express locomotive SB 17c 406
fother classifications:
JDŽ 103
4-4-0 (2B n2)
year of construction:
1896 (od 1885)
78 t
axle load:
14 t
14,9 m
driving wheel diameter:
1.730 mm
boiler pressure:
12 bar
515 kW (700 KM)
top speed:
80 km/h
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Gölsdorf-Senior's exceptional construction from the year 1885 for express trains on the lines of the Südbahn (Southern Railway). At the turn of the century 12 of the class were to be found in Maribor. In Trieste (Locomotive Department Inspection Ljubljana) there were 8 more. After 1918 16 locos remained in SHS. They hauled trains from Maribor to Ljubljana, Postojna, Prevalje and Zagreb. Until 1927 they all but No 374 and 375 were scrapped. In 1933 they became JDŽ 103-001 and 103-002 resp. Soon they were doomed, too. Because of their great historical importance No 406 from the GKB (Graz-Köflacher Eisenbahn) was acquired for our museum.